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We offer a variety of services and packages to fit the needs of your specific business. Most businesses only require a simple, one-page website that gives their customers all of the information they need and links directly to their social media. Other businesses may want us to build them a webpage with an online store and multiple categories for each type of product and the ability to collect online payments. We provide various options and packages because we want to make this service accessible to all businesses and we understand no two businesses and their specific needs are exactly the same. We have basic listing prices as well as ancillary services which you can see below and put together a package that fits your personal business needs

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Basic Listing Package

Most businesses do not need a complicated, multipage website or the costs associated with one. We will build you a custom 1-page site that is listed under a category that is specific to your business in our site's directory for the bargain price of 200 pesos a month, and you won't be charged 1 centavo before we sign 100 businesses to our site, because without the volume we really aren't providing you the service we sold you on. If you can't pick just one category to list under we can help you there too. List under two categories for 350 a month or three for 500 a month. (Businesses that signed up with the Apollo 2020 program prior to June 15th, 2020 will receive their first 3 months free)

One-time fee for site construction, 500 pesos a month for listing and basic maintenece

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Custom Site Construction and Maintenance

In addition to a basic listing service, we also offer a service to build a more robust custom website for you if your needs are greater than we can provide on one single page. If you are a store interested in selling online or a medical practitioner who wants to provide the customers with the proper brand image before they even step into your office, this might be something for you. We will custom build your webpage, host it on our site, and maintain it for 500 pesos a month (construction fees are an extra, one-time fee and vary depending on what you need from your webpage and the time it will take to construct).

One-time fee for site construction, 500 pesos a month for listing and basic maintenece

Featured Listing Fee

Once we have signed 100 businesses and officially launch we will offer you the option to promote your business on our home page. We will have 20 slots, arranged in rows of 4 with 5 rows total. We will sell 3 slots in each row, starting at 500 pesos to be in the first row, 400 to be in the second row, etc. and 100 for the last row. That leaves us 5 empty slots for featured businesses each month. In order to support smaller businesses, we will be offering every business the potential to win a free slot in each row of the featured businesses each month. We will conduct our selection through excel's randomization tool, with the top 5 business appearing on top gaining a free slot for the next month in their corresponding position in rows 1-5 of our featured businesses. Since we conduct the drawing a month ahead, this prevents business from potentially paying for a slot and then receiving it for free. Although this is a little complicated, our goal by doing is this is to keep everything transparent and fair. 

500 pesos one-time payment to be listed in the first row, 100 pesos less for each subsequent row with the final row costing 100 pesos.

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