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Alexander Searles

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I founded this company as a way to help local businesses connect with customers. The idea occurred to me while working on the Apollo 2020 Program to help support local businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the business owners I worked with and decided I should do something to help them during more normal times as well. Coming from the U.S. I was used to being able to find almost everything about a business online. A lot of businesses here don't have the time, money, or expertise to hire a professional to manage their web pages, so I figured the best way to economically allow them access to this tool was by bundling everything together on one web page. Now, instead of each individual business having to try to fight for a high search engine rank, by pooling our resources we can ensure everyone has a place at the top through this site. In addition to this business, I also am working on a business to help local artists in the community sell their products online in the U.S. I participate in multiple community organizations and sell real estate with Fenix Real Estate as well.

Roberto Serrano

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I moved here from Aguascalientes 6 years ago and have spent my time running my business (Plazapato) and giving back as much as I can to the local community. I volunteer frequently through LCS, and I am President of the Chess Club, helping local kids develop their skills and broaden their abilities through the game of chess. Additionally, I also am very active in the Recycling Program as well as one of the founders of Apollo 2020, an effort we started to help small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cassie Valenti

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Having lived the vast majority of her life along Lake Chapala, Mexico, Cassie is originally from Colorado Springs, CO. She moved to Mexico with her family at the young age of 3, embracing and thriving in the Mexican lifestyle and culture ever since. Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to become well versed in an array of services such as music, video and real estate, to name a few. Along with being bilingual, her generosity, hard work and ability to adapt to her surroundings, continues to benefit the lakeside community regularly.

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